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To help you see, understand, experience  and make outstanding images of the best that India has to offer. To share our knowledge and understanding of the art and craft of photography with those eager to learn, and to enable viewers to see India through our eyes.
We're passionate to a fault about India, and we're passionate about photography. It reflects in the feedback from our guests, we invaraibly end up scoring 10+ on a scale of 1-10 (we considered raising the bar to 20, but then we'd probably end up scoring 20+).
Our Mission
Our Philosophy
Based on our experience, photographers who wish to embark on a photography tour (which by the way is very different from a tour with photography thrown in) are primararily looking for seven things. These  considerations (and an eight not directly related to photography) form the bedrock upon which the foundations of our photo trips to India are built.
Our "Core Eight"
Location: The destination / choice of location must offer an abundant range of photographic opportunities characteristic of that region, preferably not available elsewhere.
Knowledge of  location: We do not believe in the "let's wing it" approach to photography. Yes, much of photography is chance, but chance does favor the prepared mind. We're intimately familiar with the regions we visit having been there several times in the past. All this with the sole intention of getting you to the right places, at the right times of day.
Time of day: This is a primary consideration, but you'll be surprised about just how many "photography" tours ignore this as though it were of no consequence.
Being at the right place, at the right time of day, in the right light  is crucial to making good photographs. Our photography tours emphasize on-location shooting during the golden hours (and often, twilight) so as to enable you to make the best use of light.
Time at location: Photography isn't about tripping the shutter, it's all about seeing,  and seeing involves slowing down, identifying what catches your eyes, and then going through the process of making the image in your mind before actually tripping the shutter. It's impossible to do this if you're pressed for time and need to hurry on to your next location.
This reflects in our itineraries - they're designed so as   to give you ample time at each location (in the best light of course); of course we presume that it's a photography tour you wish to undertake, not a tour with some photography thrown in!
Group Size: Photography, by it's very nature, is a solitary activity. One does not make an image in one's mind by committee. While a larger group size may help bring individual costs down, it also quite often results in chaos that does not contribute to the photo making process. Larger groups also result in less personal space per photographer  (a common symptom of which is tripping over the other guy's camera bag or tripod) at locations.
We  keep our groups as small as possible - usually no more than eight participants. This allows for greater flexiblity in schedules, allowing an intimacy with fellow photographers and photographic  subjects that won't crowd out your experience.
Knowledge: Apart from our knowledge of  locations, customs & traditions, the land and the people, we really do know photography! And, we excel at communicating our know-how.
Social Interactions: As experienced travel photographers we understand the value of social interaction with our subjects. We frown on the act of pointing a lens in someone's face, taking a shot and scurrying away. We value the need for social interaction of the people we photograph, while being aware of their need for space and privacy. We delight in our interactions with the locals we choose to photograph on location - it makes for such a rich cultural exchange of viewpoints and knowledge. In our experience, not only does this lead to a better travel experience, but results in far better intimate, portraits of our subjects with their full and hearty cooperation!
A Genuine Respect for Tradition, Culture, People, and The Landscape: If we cannot leave a place in a condition better than we found it, the least we can do is not leave it in worse shape. That, for us, spells being respectful to tradition, culture, people and the good earth.
While we always strive to support the local economy of the places we operate our Photo Tours and Photography Workshops to, we frown on activities that are exploitative in nature. As for example, we do not advocate tipping for portraits of locals, as we believe that in some ways it encourages begging; it's better by far to actually engage with people - a process that leads to voluntary, joyous portraits.
Our Photography Tours, Workshops & Expeditions
We offer two types of photography trips to India - (a) private, customized photography workshops & tours, and, (b) scheduled group departures.
Group photo trips have a preset itinerary, and need a minimum number of participants to run. Our customized private photography workshops, tours & expeditions can run with as little as one participant; you let us know your preferred destinations, photography interests, preferred dates etc., and we build a custom itinerary for you.
Our Photography Tours & Workshops Calendar  lists scheduled group photo trips to India; you can also use this section as a starting point to help us put together a custom itinerary for you.
Neville Bulsara
Light Chaser, Light Warrior, Light Painter, Visual Storyteller... Neville Bulsara is a professional travel photographer based in Mumbai, India. While not shooting on assignment, Neville leads photography tours, workshops and expeditions to some of the most beautiful locations in India.
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Neville's work has been extensively published in both the electronic and print media. His clients include Jetwings, Spenta Multimedia, Burda Yukom Publishing GmbH, Outlook Traveller, Ogaan, Better Photography,  Indiawali Brides, Roche Pharmaceuticals and many more too numerous to name here.
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