Join us this November on our bestselling Five Stops of Light India Photography Tour & Expedition to the Pushkar Camel Fair as we go about photographing everybody, their elaborate turbans, incredible mustaches, brightly colored sarees, uncles, aunts, dogs, cats, snakes.. (ok, not dogs and cats but there will be snakes tagging along with the snake-charmers, and of course camels – thousands of them)… If ever there was an opportunity to experience – and photograph – a traditional, authentic Indian festival and fair, this is it!
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Nov. 3rd - 14th , 2013
Costs: Starting $5499
(twin sharing, Single Supplement $975)

The Pushkar Camel Fair & Rajasthan Photography Tour
Five Stops of Light India Photo Tour 2013

Definition of "stop"
In photographic terms, a "stop" is a term used to denote each successive halving (or doubling) of the quantum of light falling on a medium (film or digital sensor).

The range of tonal values (latitude) of slide film and some digital sensors is equal to five stops - enough to render great detail in the image. End of technical lecture!
The Five Stops of Light India Photography Tour to Rajasthan & the Pushkar Camel Fair is limited to a maximum of six participants and will be led by our founder Neville Bulsara.  Join him on the best photography tour India has to offer!
Features and highlights of this photography tour to Rajasthan and the Pushkar Camel Fair

A day by day itinerary of the 2013 Five Stops of Light India Photo Tour
Pushkar Camel Fair
& Rajasthan Photography Tour 2013
Twelve days. Five amazing destinations. Fifth Year in the running.
The Best Photography Tour India has to offer!
While photographing the Pushkar Camel Fair is undoubtedly the highlight of this photography tour , we have four more outstanding “stops of light” on this amazing India photo tour. Join us as we embark on – to summarise what our clients over the past several years have described as – “a photographic tour unlike any other experienced. No photography workshop or tour could get better!”
From Delhi and its ancient forts and exotic markets, this photography tour & expedition to India travels onwards to photograph the ancient city of Varanasi - the very soul and essence of India. It then makes its way to Agra to photograph the Taj Mahal, following which it makes its way through colourful Rajasthan, stopping to photograph the palaces and exotic marketplaces of Jaipur.
The tour finally arrives at Pushkar  where participants will spend five days photographing the Pushkar Camel Fair. The tour then returns to - and ends in -  Delhi. It is from these five amazing destinations that the name of this photographic trip is derived.
The lady in red, Rajasthan
Traders at the Pushkar Camel Fair
Religious ceremony, Varanasi
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