Designed to get you - the discerning photographer - up close and personal with the land, people and the the culture of Ladakh, our Ladakh Essentials Photography Tour to "The Land of High Passes"  is an experience sans parallel for those with a  passion for travel, cultural, people and landscape photography.
You will find yourself in a land where you will lose - only to go ahead and re-discover - your self as your eyes behold some of the most dramatic, rugged and disarming scenery on the face of the planet; a place of such peace and serenity that it can quiet the most restless of souls.
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Ladakh Photography Tour 2013
Ladakh Essentials

June 10 - 22 (approx dates), 2013
Costs: Starting $3650 (twin-sharing, Single Supplement $700)

Ladakh Photography Tour 2013
Ladakh Essentials

Neville's insight on the importance of "Juley!!!"
It's pronounced Joo-lay, and means many things. It's a greeting, a goodbye, best wishes, a thank you and bon apetit rolled into one.
You will find yourself photographing a land more Tibetan than Tibet itself -  ancient towns, monasteries, monks, religious ceremonies, palaces, nomads, pilgrims, high-altitude inland seas, the famous Cham Dance Festival at Hemis, and much more. The subjects are innumerable, the beauty unsupassed, the photographs you'll make are only limited by your imagination and your vision.
This Photography Tour to Ladakh is limited to a maximum of six participants and will be led by our founder Neville Bulsara.  Join him for the photographic adventure of a lifetime!
Features and highlights of this Ladakh Photo Tour

A day by day itinerary of the 2013 Ladakh Photo Tour
Travel photography is not possible without cultural interaction, and cultural interaction begins with people. Be respectful towards people and their culture. Seek - and delight in your  - interactions with them, and you'll be surprised at  how you grow both as a person, as well as a travel photographer.
In Ladakh, that starts - and ends - with  a big, beaming smile on your face and a heartfelt "Juley!!!"
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