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8 Surefire Methods to Convey Depth
Principles & Techniques for depicting Volumes and Spatial Relationships on a two-dimensional surface
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"An uncanny ability to teach and get his message across in a very simplified way... The enthusiasm and the dedication he has, rubs off easily on his audience. This is clearly evident from the book" ~ Pravin Noronha
Stop! Then, Venture Forth...
A step-by-step Guide to Understanding The Most Essential Technical Skill Any Photographer Must Master: Exposure
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Five Stops of Light
India, as you've never seen it before
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The culmination of a dream I've harboured for a while, the aim of The Zen of Travel Photography eBooks is a simple one: share my knowledge & understanding of the art and craft of photography with those eager to learn, and to enable viewers to see India through my eyes.
Photography Ebooks  that will inspire your creativity, help you learn the  skills that go into making better photographs, take your photography to the next level and make you fall in love with India...
Format: Downloadable PDFs, designed for comfortable viewing on PCs and the iPad
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