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Photography Tours in India for 2013

Ladakh Essentials: Thirteen day photography tour to Ladakh, India
Find yourself photographing a land more Tibetan than Tibet itself -  ancient towns, monasteries, monks, religious ceremonies, palaces, nomads, pilgrims, high-altitude inland seas, the famous Cham Dance Festival at Hemis, and much more. The subjects are innumerable, the beauty unsupassed, the photographs you'll make are only limited by your imagination and your vision.
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Five Stops of Light: 12 day Photography Tour covering Rajasthan & The Pushkar Camel Fair, India
Twelve days. Five amazing destinations. Fifth Year in the running.
The Best Photography Tour India has to offer!

Join us this November on our bestselling Five Stops of Light India Photography Tour & Expedition to the Pushkar Camel Fair as we go about photographing everybody, their elaborate turbans, incredible mustaches, brightly colored sarees, uncles, aunts, dogs, cats, snakes..
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A bi-monthly one-of-a-kind photography workshop held in Mumbai, that addresses the most important - yet overlooked - aspect of photography: Seeing.
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The Zen of Travel Photography Workshops
From snapshots to Great Shots - The Art of Seeing
Learn how to better observe the world around you, improve your ability to see the endless possibilities in a setting and become a better photographer. Discover the ability to translate your vision into evocative images that communicate your vision. Join us on this one-of-a-kind photography workshop in Mumbai, India and we'll take you on a visual journey over four amazing hours that will not only change your photography, but forever will change the way you look at the world around you!